Metal 3D Printing for Production

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Dive into Additive Manufacturing

A three ‘part’ email short course that will help you discover how metal 3D printing fits alongside other manufacturing processes with respect to design, economics, and product development.

  • Discover innovations in 3D printing 
  • Break down the costs of production
  • Understand when and why to opt for 3D printing

Build your knowledge of metal 3D printing

Our program will teach you what need to know about additive manufacturing

for production—even if you don’t have any previous experience.

In-Depth Explanations

Step-by-step explanation of methodologies used

Real Life Case Studies

See how problems in traditional manufacturing were solved

Learn Online

Receive 3 daily lessons to learn at flexible pace

Leverage new 3D

printing technology

The potential benefits of AM are too great to ignore: previously impossible design possibilities, on-demand manufacturing, reshaped supply chains, and faster product development cycles. 

Metal 3D printing vs.
traditional manufacturing

Gain a better understanding of where metal 3D printing fits in the manufacturing landscape and how it can compete and win against traditional metal fabrication techniques.

Master the concepts of metal
additive manufacturing

Build a Winning Business Case

In production, metal 3D printing has to compete on cost and value created. With an understanding of pros and cons of each process and successful applications, it becomes possible to build a winning business case.

You'll dispassionately and quantitatively measure the value of the selected metal 3D printing process is bringing to the table.

" There are plenty of processes that look awesome and produce cool parts. But cool is not a reason to use a manufacturing process, right? There has to be a business case and a value proposition.

Metal 3D printing makes a very good case in overcoming issues with throughput, cost, and geometric limitations."

Julien Cohen
Manager of Applications Engineering

Learn the secrets to success in production

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