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July was a month of breakthroughs at 3DEO. We won the international Design Excellence Competition, hosted by Metal Powder Industries Federation. MPIF is the premier international trade association, so it was a real honor to win. At the same time, nearly every week we are setting new high-water marks for total production quantities and customer order sizes. It's an exciting time to be at the intersection of American manufacturing and metal 3D printing!
This month, we are highlighting our Sample Parts Kit (below). If you would like to hold a handful of 3DEO's real production parts and see our surface finish options, please request one of these complimentary kits. Who knows? You may find, as one customer recently told us, "These are the nicest metal 3D printed parts I have ever seen."
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you want help understanding when to (and not to) choose metal 3D printing. I'm always up for a conversation to explore your application and help you understand the benefits of working with 3DEO.
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3DEO Wins Design Excellence Award for High-Volume Production Component

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3DEO has won the Design Excellence Award for its metal 3D printed production component at the 2020 Design Excellence Award Competition. The competition is sponsored by the international trade association for metal powder industries (MPIF) which recognizes a distinguished example of the efforts in metal additive manufacturing to push forward new technologies, designs, and commercial successes.

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Company Week Manufacturer Profile: 3DEO


3DEO Profile-1

Company Week recently featured 3DEO with an excellent manufacturer profile. "There's a big restructuring with the supply chain right now, and it plays into our favor," says Sand, one of 3DEO's three co-founders. "We're seeing from our existing customers more orders and a lot of interest in manufacturing in the U.S."

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Russian State Successfully Flight Tests 3D Printed Gas Turbine Engine

The Russian state-backed Advanced Research Foundation (FPI) and Federal State Unitary Enterprise (VIAM) have flight-tested their 3D printed MGTD-20 gas turbine engine for the first time.

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Untitled design (1)-Aug-03-2020-04-39-22-72-PM3D Print a Lego Go-Kart and Ride It

Matt Denton publishes great videos about XXL 3D printing projects on his YouTube channel Mantis Hacks. The latest is a perfectly functional, 3D printed giant Lego Go-Kart. In the latest video, Matt finished the electronics and finally got to test this Mark I version of the kart. It looks about as much fun to drive as a virtual kart on Super Mario Kart.

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3DEO hosted a LIVE webinar, "Why I Switched From CNC Machining" on Tuesday, July 21st. Access the recording to learn the highs and lows of CNC Machining, the key advantages of additive manufacturing, and understand how these advantages will unleash innovation in product development.

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3D Printed Props – How 3D Printing is Used in Film & TV


Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 11.58.49 AM

3D printing can help designers quickly manifest their wildest imaginations into the physical reality, and Hollywood has taken notice. Here are the 3 biggest ways 3D printing is hitting the big screen.

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At 3DEO, we use process controls to track the quality of the part before it is completed. This allows us to catch and reduce any variability that may occur in real time. By watching these process controls, we can understand the predictability of performance and take corrective action if anything happens. 

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Free Sample Parts