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The 3D printing industry's reaction to the pandemic has given us a glimpse into the future of manufacturing. Soon, dedicated and inflexible production lines will be a thing of the past. The exciting future of manufacturing is immediate, on-demand, and infinitely flexible. This new paradigm will give manufacturers of all sizes--from a solo entrepreneur working in her garage to even the largest aerospace companies--the ability to launch new products in record time with minimal up front investment. Just as importantly with today's uncertain supply chains, these manufacturers will be able to turn their production lines on a dime and immediately react to changing market conditions.
This exciting new world of manufacturing is coming at us faster than many of us realize. Today, we put out a press release on our triple-digit annual growth. 3DEO's customers are already unlocking the potential of and transforming their businesses with additive manufacturing today. If you haven't yet started exploring 3D printing, we should talk!
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3DEO Posts Triple Digit Growth by Democratizing Manufacturing

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In 2019, 3DEO experienced a significant breakthrough that came from an aerospace component that was developed hand-in-hand with the customer. It’s now in production and flying. The company is growing and expanding more into aerospace and medical as they become more cost-competitive with MIM even in high volume production.

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3D Printing Spare Parts On-Demand

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A notable portion of production 3D Printing is dedicated to supplying replacement parts, and I say replacement parts rather than spare parts because these are being printed on-demand. Companies and organizations around the world are adopting 3D printing to provide on-demand replacement parts, keep reading to learn why.

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When Is 3D Printing Cost Effective? 

Hype continues to surround additive manufacturing. These three factors can help determine whether a part is worth 3D printing.

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Untitled design (2)-23D Printing as a Production Technology

There’s no question that 3D printing has moved beyond making prototypes and one-offs. Manufacturers and producers are using 3D printers for fabricating parts at various points in the production line, including manufacturing tools, jigs, and fixtures, fit tests, and of course end-use parts.

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There is a problem in metal 3D printing today. The problem is that the 3D printing industry doesn’t hold itself to the same standards as traditional manufacturers. To 3DEO, quality means that whether it’s the 10th part or the 10,000th part, that they’re all exactly the same.

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About 3DEO - PRODUCTION Metal 3D Printing

3DEO uses its proprietary metal 3D printing technology to manufacture small, complex production components. Part pricing and quality is directly competitive with machining and MIM.

With 3D printing you can quickly develop new products and seamlessly scale to serial production on demand so there’s no need to worry about long lead times, minimum order quantities, or high tooling costs. 

3DEO specializes in small, complex stainless steel components.

Request a quote if your parts look like these: