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I am excited to announce a terrific milestone for 3DEO this month: We have shipped 150,000 production parts to customers for end-use applications. From day one, 3DEO's mission has been to break metal additive manufacturing (AM) into high-volume production and give CNC and MIM customers a production-quality alternative with all the benefits of 3D printing. This milestone demonstrates that we are on track, validating our patented technology and unique business model.
Our unique business model in the industry is, I believe, the primary driver of our success to date. We have heard you, our industrial customers, loud and clear. You don't want to buy printers and endure the cost and complexity of setting up your own infrastructure. You want to buy parts. We built our business model around the job you are trying to get done. Rather than sell printers, we became power users of our own technology to get you the solution you need. To do this, we had to build an automated end-to-end industrial platform that gives you on-demand access to scalable infrastructure while leveraging the most advanced manufacturing technology.
We are very proud of what we have accomplished. But we are just scratching the surface of what’s possible with metal additive manufacturing in the world of metal parts. With our 3D printing and automation software and hardware, combined with our world-class R&D team and quality systems, we are primed to scale metal AM into millions of parts next year.
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Today, it is prohibitively expensive for all but the most well funded organizations to build hardware. It's incredibly expensive, difficult, and time consuming to make physical products. Additive manufacturing is about to change that.

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3DEO Ships 150,000 Production Parts, Breaking Ground in Metal Additive Manufacturing


According to Matt Sand, 3DEO’s President, “150 thousand parts is a terrific milestone for 3DEO. It validates our patented technology, our unique business model, and our mission to break metal additive manufacturing (AM) into high-volume production. Today, we routinely win bids against traditional manufacturing because of our competitive cost structure and material performance.”

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3DEO Achieves ISO 9001:2015 with Best-In-Class Process Control


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Production Metal 3D Printing with 3DEO

3DEO is a high-volume production supplier of precision stainless
steel components, made with our patented metal 3D printing technology.

With no molds, tooling, or lengthy setup times,
3DEO delivers production parts in weeks, not months. 

Get Sample Parts from 3DEO

See the future of production metal 3D printing with a customized sample parts kit from 3DEO.



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