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This month we kick off our Why I Switched marketing campaign to help executives, engineers and purchasers see real-world examples of companies that have switched from traditional manufacturing to metal 3D printing with 3DEO. With case studies and anecdotes of actual parts wins, this series will help you understand when to (and not to) choose metal 3D printing, along with the key benefits of working with 3DEO.
The Why I Switched campaign kicks off with a webinar hosted by Julien Cohen, our Application Engineer (details below). Hopefully this will help you navigate the exciting new waters of metal 3D printing and inspire you to get your own projects started.
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3DEO is hosting a LIVE webinar, "Why I Switched From CNC Machining" on Tuesday, July 21st at 10am PDT. Learn about the key advantages of additive manufacturing and understand how these advantages will unleash innovation in product development.

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Manufacturing Showcase: 3DEO

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Cofounded in 2016 by three partners who met at the University of Southern California, two of whom were completing graduate studies focusing on binder jetting technology, the original intent was to produce a low-cost 3D printer as an additive manufacturing OEM. Early lessons learned include that prototyping was already well-served, as was low-volume printing.

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Your New Home on Mars is a 3D-printed Egg

Forget the domes and inflatable habitats you've seen in sci-fi movies. Your future Martian house could actually feel a lot like home here on Earth.

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Untitled design (3)-Jul-06-2020-06-48-59-84-PMUnderstanding Surface Finish in Metal 3D Printing

While metal AM brings with it a host of positive advantages, it’s important to understand the realities of as-printed surface roughness. This understanding will help design/engineering teams understand the costs associated with bringing 3D printed parts to a suitable finish.

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The 3D printing industry has not achieved scalable predictability of performance because of degrading processes across the board. 3DEO does not have any degrading processes, therefore we can achieve predictability and high-volume manufacturing.

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Did you miss our last webinar?

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Watch the webinar recording to learn about the key advantages of additive manufacturing and understand how these advantages will unleash innovation in product development.

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Production Metal 3D Printing with 3DEO

3DEO is a high-volume production supplier of precision stainless
steel components, made with our patented metal 3D printing technology.

With no molds, tooling, or lengthy setup times,
3DEO delivers production parts in weeks, not months. 

Get Sample Parts from 3DEO

See the future of production metal 3D printing with a customized sample parts kit from 3DEO.



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