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Hi there,

Next week, I'll be presenting at MD&M West titled "3D Printing with Metal: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know". I'll outline the key value and cost drivers for metal 3D printing, as well as a few critical lessons I've learned during my time in 3D printing. You can't miss it if you want to move metal 3D printing into production. Let me know if you'll be attending--would love to see you there!
If you're not attending MD&M West, I'm always available to discuss how you can begin the shift to metal 3D printing. Contact me or request a quote to get the conversation started.
Matt Sand
President, 3DEO
(424) 732-9596
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Many customers benefit from the ease of immediate design changes. One customer had a small design change request. They needed 0.004in change in their part but hesitated to ask. Traditional manufacturers wouldn’t make such a small change, which made this customer wary. However, 3DEO was happy to make the change and fixed it on the very next print.

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TipsTips & Tricks for Metal 3D Printing 

With metal printing, there is a fair amount of trial and error and iterating on a design that goes into developing the best process. However, there are some common design pitfalls that can be avoided to streamline the process.

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Additive Manufacturing Delivers Economies of Scale AND Scope

In traditional manufacturing, economies of scale and scope are potent competitive advantages. Scale is achieved by minimizing fixed costs and by manufacturing an extremely high volume of products. Conversely, scope is more a matter of breadth than depth. Before 3D printing, each part required significant investment in tooling and fixed costs.

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Like any technology, 3D printing of metal components has pros and cons, or advantages and disadvantages. The secret to success is to 1) understand the different metal 3D printing processes, 2) to know both when it is appropriate to use the technology to begin with (as opposed to traditional manufacturing) and 3) the applications that are ideal for the various metal AM processes.

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About 3DEO - PRODUCTION Metal 3D Printing

3DEO uses its proprietary metal 3D printing technology to manufacture small, complex production components. Part pricing and quality is directly competitive with machining and MIM.

With 3D printing you can quickly develop new products and seamlessly scale to serial production on demand so there’s no need to worry about long lead times, minimum order quantities, or high tooling costs. 

3DEO specializes in small, complex stainless steel components.

Request a quote if your parts look like these: