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COVID has presented us with the challenge of a lifetime. Many industries are reeling, unemployment is hovering above a two-decade high, and supply chains are shattered. According to Fortune Magazine, "94% of the Fortune 1000 are seeing supply chain disruptions".
But in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. The opportunity directly ahead is to create a bold, exciting new take on American manufacturing. COVID has forced manufacturers to question legacy methods and open their minds to new approaches and technologies. In other words, the kindling has been lit. Like the beginnings of any great bonfire, it can be hard to look at such a tiny flame and imagine what it will grow into. But the fire has started and the profound implications for American manufacturing will be felt for decades to come.
3DEO is so proud to play its small part and help revitalize manufacturing in America. From our perspective, the future of "Made in America" couldn't be brighter.
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Cameron Chateauneuf, Co-Founder of The Ergonomic Knife


ErgoKiwi found metal 3D printing could be a great way to solve the problem of up-front costs by eliminating tooling/setup costs. 3DEO delivered parts that left ErgoKiwi “blown away” by the quality and surface finish, all while beating the cost of the other metal 3D printing service.

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3D Printing Is Changing the World

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3D printing innovations in recent years have brought a sea change in the fabrication of everything from automobile parts to human bio-tissues.

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3DEO | 2020 MPIF Design Excellence Award Winner 

"By winning the Design Excellence Award for a metal 3D printed production component, 3DEO has shown that its metal AM approach, and metal AM at large, is a force within the metal powder market.” – 3D Printing Media Network.

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External Newsletter (3)3D Printed Car Parts Bring Back the Classics

3D printing is widely used in the automotive manufacturing sector by international powerhouses like Ford, Audi and others. Car manufacturers mostly use it for prototyping, tooling and printing spare parts, but another use of automobile 3D printing is for classic vehicles and printing car parts for restoration. They're recreating parts that have been out of stock for years.

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3DEO White Paper: The Economics of MIM versus Metal 3D Printing


Metal 3D printing is becoming a great complement to Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and the decision to use one or the other largely comes down to the volumes required. The added bonus with metal 3D printing is that you can update a part without needing to invest in a brand new mold.

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Europe’s Biggest 3D Printer Helps Create a Two-Story House


“Printing this building is mainly a statement,” says Emiel Ascione, project manager at Kamp C. “It shows the construction industry the accessibility and potential of this technique. The benefits of additive manufacturing are already paying off in a wide range of other industries", he said. It’s about time that housing caught up with them.

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Predictability of performance is key to 3DEO’s ability to scale our operation. 3DEO does not have any degrading processes, we can achieve predictability, and high-volume manufacturing with no variation. 

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See and Feel the Future with Our Sample Parts

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If you haven't considered metal 3D printing for your production stainless steel components, now is the time.

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Free Sample Parts