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3DEO hosted a live webinar, Why I Switched From Metal Injection Molding, where we discussed making the switch from MIM.

Metal Injection Molding is frequently selected as the manufacturing method of choice for high volume production runs of small and complex parts, and for good reason. The technique has a 40-year history of success. 

A relatively recent entrant to the serial production world of metal parts is metal 3D printing. While this technology was invented decades ago, only recently has it become capable of competing head-to-head with MIM from a quality and cost perspective.

3DEO is leading the way in converting customers from MIM to metal 3D printing, and this webinar is meant to showcase real-world case studies of applications that have made the transition. There are unique value propositions of both MIM and metal 3D printing, and this webinar will help participants understand when and why to opt for additive manufacturing.



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Matt Sand, President of 3DEO
Expert in commercializing additive manufacturing technology


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